Groupon Blows Hot Air Into Social Media Bubble

By Mark Hanzlik, Executive Director

It isn’t often we’re posting stories here on our blog page that we don’t have some opinion or comment to add to the already frequently-reported business news.   It’s usually because the pieces we’re reading are missing thoughtful explanation and interpretation.   So, we try to fill-in by observing and commenting in our own fashion whenever possible.  This one is an exception.

GrouponLogoHere’s one that caught our attention over the weekend where MediaPost blogger Erik Sass’ commentary on the recent bubblicious trend led by social deal mammoth Groupon captures the imagination of the reader—whether he’s right or wrong, it makes you think about what is happening in the business social media world.  Bubblicious: Groupon’s Value Increases $10 Billion for No Reason

There’s not much you can add to a spot-on commentary that also invokes the thickness of Homer Simpson in its coda.

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