Monthly Archives: June 2010

Changes in 2010 Media Audit Survey Reflect a Changing Media Landscape

Here a few of the new 2010 classifications being introduced by The Media Audit in a number of markets currently.   Some of these categories must have replaced various cable networks and daily newspaper sections that are no longer part of the lengthy survey by International Demographics.   We don’t quite understand the addition of Yellow Page Books, but readily acknowledge the importance of the remainder of the new categories.  Someone also must have petitioned heavily for High School Sports.

Target Audience Classifications:

*Buy “Green– Good for the environment”
*Attend Church/Religious Services
*Cell Phone Text-ing
*Yellow Page Book Regularly Find Numbers/Businesses
*Follow High School Sports (baseball, basketball, football, soccer)
*Exposure Email/Text (heavy, medium, light, none)
*Past 7-day cume Radio – Satellite mentions
*Logged on Past month to – (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter)