Monthly Archives: May 2008

Compliance with e-Tearsheet Platforms Varied Among AWN Publishers

At this time, AWN publications appear to have very little compliance in the area of e-tearsheets, at least in terms of automated e-tearsheet delivery. Results from our survey of 68 AWN publications were varied, but somewhat conclusive (see below for results from the Survey Monkey platform).

Late in the first quarter, we began to survey AWN publishers as to their digital tear sheet capabilities, something that had not been done as a network up to that point. The increased demand to improve the slow pay cycle of the unwieldy network, and the movement of AWN print products to digital publishing platforms pointed toward a solution. Unfortunately, nearly 20% of AWN publishers still cannot provide any form of digital tearsheets, and nearly all are not signed into a commercial vendor or network delivery of e-tearsheets.

1% use a commercial vendor to deliver e-tearsheets and PDF versions of their pages
5% have an FTP site set up to provide PDF versions of the pages
9% have a web-based portal for obtaining PDF versions of pages
55% will provide digital pages upon request
and those not able to comply in any fashion…
18% cannot provide any form of digital tearsheets

Results based on a survey of 68 AWN publications Feb-March 2008.