About AWN

The Alternative Weekly Network (AWN) provides advertisers with national reach and regional targeting of 5 million dynamic readers throughout North America. AWN has a loyal membership comprised of 105 publications with a diverse circulation base reaching 2.5 million each week. These strongly independent, alternative newspapers vary from market-to-market, while sharing certain core characteristics: edgy reporting, inventive graphic design and a definitive role as the local entertainment source.

AWN was formed in 1996 when a number of alt weekly publishers across the U.S. established a cooperative sales network where all publications could contribute to sales and marketing efforts, and benefit from increased national and regional advertising.

An AWN representative and the AWN central office will co-ordinate the placement delivering a single insertion order, and invoice. The staff at AWN central provides comprehensive proposals detailing circulation, costs for various ad sizes and frequencies, logistical support and billing services.

When you buy the alternative press, you’re tapping the most effective way to reach the new generation.