What Does the Future Hold?

Here’s another recent piece about the fate or future of alt media.  Alan Leveritt, Arkansas Times co-founder and publisher is one of a few industry leaders who shares their thoughts in this E&P piece from November 13, 2017.

In Search of a Healthy Future, Alt Weeklies Experiment with Stories and Revenue Strategies

By Sharon Knolle

With the closure of alternative weeklies in Baltimore and Philadelphia—and the Village Voice’s decision to end print publication after 62 years—the past few years have been grim for the once-essential element of the urban media landscape. But like other newspaper publications, alt weeklies around the country are finding new ways to be profitable, including nonprofit funding, specialty publications, and new advertising markets.

For this story, E&P talked to editors and publishers at several alt weeklies, including the founder of The Alt, a new weekly based in Albany, N.Y., and the new ownership team at DigBoston about their approach and the vital role that alt weeklies provide in their communities.

Link for full text of E&P article.

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