The Media Audit versus Scarborough Research

By Mark Hanzlik, Executive Director

It may seem like old news now, but when we finally inked a new contract with International Demographics late last summer, it was the result of many months of evaluation, negotiation and an important comparison with The Media Audit’s closest research competitor, Scarborough Research.

Since last October, we’ve participated in a number of research training sessions and webinars presented by The Media Audit staff, and one of the latest programming streams was their side-by-side evaluation with Scarborough Research. Though The Media Audit staff admitted the presentation was also a sales deck for their research product, the comparison was helpful. It’s an important part of the ongoing evaluation of the syndicated research we have invested in and use often in our media and sales strategies alike.

Here’s a single-sheet side-by-side we developed as a result of information gathered from both The Media Audit and Scarborough. For more background on the process or more detailed side-by-side information, contact our office (see below).


You can also download this research comparison file in higher resolution format from our web site.

Another notable change to our research investment this year was the addition of the online/internet research data that is gathered alongside the other media categories (radio, print, broadcast tv, cable tv, etc.) by The Media Audit. We have already produced more online media RANKER REPORTS than any of the print ranker reports from previous years.

Note: HanzMediaInc.  leases a multi-year license for The Media Audit research for all markets to be used for AWN and other clients and associates of Hanzlik Media Management.  For more information, contact / 916-551-1776 or / 916-551-1770 x27

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