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Helpful Ad Sales Advice from Ad Panelists at AAN Web Conference

By Mark Hanzlik, AWN Executive Director

I was surprised to see a post about the Alt Press yesterday from Sarah Kotlova, an account director at Digitaria on the ad agency’s blog page.    She was one of two panelists in a session titled “Trends in Digital Ads” at the AAN Web Conference Jan 26-28 in San Francisco.   It’s always convenient to have a digital follow-up  of a session from the presenter’s point-of-view.  Sarah’s wasn’t too unlike the actual exchange recalled from that Friday afternoon session.

The other panelist, Ben Pashman, a relatively new VP at Centro (@benpashman) had a clear and concise message; more rich media, pre-roll video and generally move faster into more technology in order to grow more inventory opportunities.  He boasted that Centro owns 60% of all local display advertising which I found to be both an exciting prospect for Alts but at the same time alarming.

Both Sarah and Ben suggested encouraging more user engagement with alt media web sites by deploying low-cost alternative solutions, and creative out-of-the box  approaches including outsourcing video production.

Sarah stressed the importance of creating a value proposition that is based from a digital-first direction, one where local Alt Media offer partnerships, sponsorships and a different path for advertisers (brands) to reach their audience.   This is coming from an agency person who knows there are plenty of ways to reach a local digital audience now, and often effective targeting, cpm and creative delivery can be achieved through other means.  Ouch.