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Missoula Indy Shuttered Abruptly by Lee

By Mark Hanzlik, Executive Director

Missoula Independent has become the latest publishing casualty in the alt media world.

This one seemed more surprising, not just in the preventative action itself from corporate owner Lee Enterprises, but in the world of alternative print media, smaller markets appeared to have evaded some of the financial woes that leveled newspapers in the large metro markets this decade.  The closure of this long-time Montana independent voice certainly gives us pause as supporters of alternative media as a whole.   More importantly, it reminds how much has changed from simply needing alternative voices as a counterweight to mainstream media to the current state where journalism itself is being diluted and under attack.

The story broke in Montana and elsewhere across the U.S. yesterday (September 11) LA Times coverage here.

Our relationship with Missoula Independent goes back to 1994, a few years after Eric Johnson and Erik Cushman founded the paper.   They had just switched to free distribution (15,000 copies) and may have had no idea how many more years the publication would be serving readers in Montana.   Both Erik Cushman and Eric Johnson have crossed our paths several times throughout the ensuing years.   We’ve worked closely with Matt Gibson (owner from 1998 until 18 months ago), and his staff to bring revenue to a market that is often not included in national advertising media plans.

Having the largest weekly newspaper and the only true alternative voice in Montana be a member our network for the past 24 years has been a privilege.


Alt Weekly Goes Quietly After Serving The Inland Empire for 8 Years

By Mark Hanzlik, AWN Executive Director

There was no official press release from Southland Publishing, Inc. confirming the closure of Inland Empire Weekly on January 30.     The 8-year-old alternative weekly quietly published their final issue with a colorful cover story about Pink Martini, the wildly diverse Portland-based band.


IE Weekly with 30,000 distribution had served a large geographic area (San Bernardino-Riverside-Ontario metro area) with nearly 3.8 million residents.   Publisher Jeremy Zachary commented briefly before the final issue hit the streets,  citing lack of advertising revenue as the main reason for IEW‘s demise.

Zachary and Managing Editor Rich Kane started the alt weekly in 2006, but quickly sold the newspaper to Southland Publishing, Inc. which at the time published four other alt weeklies including LA CityBeat and four monthly magazines.   IEW was based in Corona, California where Zachary continues as publisher of Culture, a monthly magazine covering entertainment and lifestyle in the medical cannabis community.

Southland Publishing, Inc. currently publishes four weekly newspapers; Pasadena Weekly, Ventura County Reporter, The Argonaut and San Diego CityBeat.   They also publish three monthly magazines; Arroyo Monthly, Ventana Monthly and So. California Life After 50.